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About company

Laut Group - production of wiping rags in Russia
16 years of success and leading position on the Russian market of wiping materials that define its character and tendencies
Positive business reputation on the market. Confidential, mutually beneficial relations with clients is the business card of our organization;
Very qualified and harmonious team of our employees having necessary experience and knowledge for ensuring reliable and stable cooperation with clients.  
The individual price policy, deferment of payments, comprehensive support of any order, selection of the optimum way of receiving freight will become essential advantage of work with us;
We have our own manufactures for processing waste of sewing, textile productions, and also used clothes into qualitative wiping materials. Thanks to it, we have an opportunity to control quality, volumes and the product range which we deliver;
Big warehouse spaces, stocks of finished goods (not less than 500 tons) and the wide range of articles allow us to satisfy any quantitative and assortment inquiries of clients
We have the broadest operating client base which is extended monthly.  Our clients today are the largest industrial enterprises and sales companies of cleaning materials.
Stated above is a result of intensive development of our company. Our purpose is the maximum satisfaction of requirements and inquiries of our buyers, improvement of quality of customers service, ensuring of longterm relationship with clients.  

Add to Basket? Путанка цветная 10 шт.
Путанка цветная 10 шт.