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What is wiping rags?

Laut Group is a company which delivers wiping materials for the enterprises of Russia and abroad. The market of wiping materials is so big that any supplier is not able to cover it completely. Our organization specializes in production and supply of cleaning materials which are made by secondary processing of textile and sewing waste. We tell you about the main items of our assortment below .

1. The yarn and thread waste (cotton ends).

Thread waste is formed in the course of weaver's or spinning production. In weaving and spinning, as well as in any other production, there is a discarding. In case if on threads and on yarn there are such defects as consolidations, thinning, small knots, breakages of threads happen and process of spinning or weaving stops. After rejection the deformed threads are used as a thread waste.

Standards of the thread waste.
Soft ends of the thread waste up to 10 cm belong to the 36th standard. Long soft ends which can't be used in production because of their sizes are the 39th standard of the tread waste. The starched or smoothed ends belong to 40 and 41 standard.If in the course of weaving so-called edge on finished products is formed , then it is subject to cutting. The edge is the 50th standard of thread waste.
You can buy thread waste of our production in briquettes on 10 kg or in piles on 200-250 kg.

2. Wiping rags

Perhaps, one of the biggest segments of the market of cleaning materials is the market of wiping rags. Wiping rags are pieces of fabrics used as wiping material at industrial enterprises and productions. The source of an origin of rags is used clothes (second-hand) and also waste of sewing productions. It can be rags and edges of fabrics and pieces of different sizes that always remain in process of cut of fabric .
Today the rags is used practically in all industries: in energetics, oil-extracting and refining industry; processing, chemical, metallurgical, railway , automotive industries; in shipbuilding, printing industry and many others.
It is caused by the low price of rags and its high consumer characteristics. The rags is used for removal of oil, gasoline, oil, water, pollution of the most different surfaces of the equipment and details.
The rags corresponds to GOST 4643-75 (1975, " Consumer waste, textile cotton, sorted "). Though it isn't subject to obligatory certification, many Russian consumers impose requirements corresponding to the updated normative and technical document TU-8189-018-01877509-01 (2001, "Rags cleaning sorted"). Production of the company has undergone all necessary procedures and tests for full compliance of TU-8189-018-01877509-01 that is confirmed by the existing certificate No. ROSS RU.АЯ56.Н45671 from 29/05/2015.
Buying our rags, you buy the material for effective removal of pollution possessing the best properties for this task:

  • Mainly cotton fabrics (except inexpensive wiping rags of "Standard");
  • Excellent ability to absorb liquids (hygroscopicity);
  • Softness;
  • Lack of impurity of not textile origin (accessories, shoulder strap, belts, buckles, etc.);
  • Durability
  • Lack of rotten, decayed, burned places;
  • Lack of underwear and socks;
  • The optimum sizes of a piece convenient for rubbing and allowing to spend economically material;
  • The convenient polypropylene packaging on 10 kg ensuring safety of goods (since packing is strong it not be torn, in difference from polyethylene), effective placement on warehouse spaces and vehicles, convenience in the accounting of quantity of goods.

The wiping rag in our assortment is divided into 2 groups. You can buy new rags, it is the rag made of new fabrics and of waste of sewing productions. Or you can order the wiping rag made of second-hand clothes, it is processed used clothes.

New wiping rag

To new wiping rags belong those products which are formed in the course of cut or discard of cotton fabrics (coarse calico, chintz, flannel, jersey, viscose and other fabrics). Width of such rags – from 1 to 25 cm, length isn't limited. The wiping rags are subdivided on small (from the 3-15cm), average (from the 10-25cm), and large (over 25 cm). You can buy the new wiping rags of our production pressed in briquettes on 10 kg or piles on 200-250 kg.

Second-hand wiping rags

Initially the second-hand wiping rag is the casual clothes which have lost its initial appointment. During processing it is exposed to disinfection by the special disinfecting means, becoming an absolutely safe for people and animals product. Sorting into categories follows the process of disinfection : white and color cotton , white and color jersey , terry, white and color flannel ,white and color bed sheets , standard and others. At the request of the client this sorting can be made with any composition of fabrics. Further by means of the special equipment all not textile impurities are removed from products: accessories, shoulder straps, belts, etc. Then products are cut on pieces of irregular shape with an average size of 40х60 cm and 60х80 cm.
After that these finished rags are pressed in polypropylene briquettes on 10 kg. At each briquette there is a label with description of goods and date of its production. So we receive a product under the name of " Second-hand wiping rags" which is one of the most sold in the market of cleaning industry today. You can buy second-hand wiping rags packaged on 10 kg.

3. The technical napkin

The technical napkin is made of new cotton fabrics: coarse calico, chintz, flannel, sewed cloth and other fabrics. These are pieces of the correct form of various sizes at the request of the client. Technical napkins are packed into rolls on 100 pieces, and further on 10 rolls in a plastic bag. Respectively, you can buy technical napkins in packages on 1000 pieces or in individual package. The technical napkins can be seamless, then it is one piece of fabric which doesn't have seams, or they can be stitched. The stitched technical napkin may have no more than two seams.

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