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Delivery by collected railway cars from Moscow

  • comparable with container a cost of delivery for a long distance;
  • shorter (in comparison with containers) delivery periods (3-4 days faster);
  • an opportunity to send both large, and small parties, with insignificant increase in the price.
  • impossibility to execute deliveries "from door to door" (it is necessary to organize delivery from station to the client's warehouse );
  • limited geography of deliveries.
The essence of this type of delivery is that we deliver and hand over your goods to one of forwarding company located in Moscow. These companies form a general collected railway car in your direction and ship it. When freight comes to your settlement, you have to arrive at a warehouse of the company to receive your goods.

Examples of the companies sending collected railway cars:
  • "DSL-Trans"
  • "A trance - Express Expedition"
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