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Forwarding companies

  • conveniently and profitably when transporting small consignments (10-1000kg of rags) to almost any point of Russia;
  • delivery "from door to door" is possible;
  • rather short delivery periods (till 7 days);
  • on some directions there are very good prices policy, since there are popular directions and respectively, the more orders, the more discount.
  • the high cost of delivery of big parties (from 2000 kg of rags);
  • not everywhere there are branches of any FC.
There are several specialized forwarding companies (further – "FC") now, which specialize in sending any consignments (from 1 kg).

Principle of their work is following: The FC has branches in many cities of the Russian Federation. If we want to send goods to your address, then it is necessary that in our and in your cities there were the FC's branches. If they are there, then we give goods to FC (or they takes it at our warehouse). In its turn, FC forms combined cars or cargo containers in the direction of the necessary city, and with them our goods will be transported to you. You can take the goods in your turn either from the warehouse FC, or receive it at your warehouse (depending on the contract).

The largest forwarding companies of the Russian Federation:
On the websites of these companies you can find special "calculator" for calculation of cost of delivery of goods for specific regions, weight and volume of freight. The result will be given with very high precision. Thus you can independently and quickly count the transportation costs!
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